I’m Bee, and this blog is a place where I review (or rave about) the books I’ve most recently read, with the occasional features such as Top 5 Wednesday. My other blogging platforms include http://asongforsummer.tumblr.com, and I also actively post my reviews on Goodreads and Twitter.

Any non-book images on this website are taken and edited from freeimages, unless stated otherwise. All quotes and book-related images belong to their respective authors and no copyright infringement is ever intended.

More personally, I’m a 22-year-old Psychology student with a thirst to learn more about the world and the people who inhabit it through books. This blog is just a hobby of mine and I try to update it as frequently as possible, but this does also mean that my reviews are completely honest and I bear no affiliations whatsoever to any authors or publishers.

I hope to share more of my own works on here in the future as well as gush about all of my favourite authors so watch this space!