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Top 5 Wednesday: Books You Felt Betrayed By



(This is part of a meme hosted by the Top 5 Wednesday Goodreads group.)

1. The Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas: I’m quite an easily pleased reader, so, after my friends showered this series with praise endlessly, I was quite looking forward to reading it.

This series follows Celaena Sardothien, an assassin who is punished for her crimes by serving in the salt mines of Endovier, but brought back to Adarlan with the promise of freedom if she successfully wins a competition under the training that the Crown Prince, Dorian, can offer her. But under the rule of the magic-hating King, things quite quickly go awry for Celaena in the proceeding novels.

The first book in the series was very promising, the second book slightly less so but still a pleasure to read. After the third one though – I had to wonder what in the world went wrong. I stuck with the series until the fifth book, Empire of Storms, came out last September, upon which I decided I might not read the next book, or indeed, Chaol Westfall’s novella to be released later this year which will undoubtedly do the character even further injustice.

I feel betrayed by these books because they held so much promise. In my opinion, the series should’ve ended after Crown of Midnight.

Am I being too harsh or do you agree? Do you have extra thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments!


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